Maintaining Sanity, Part 3: Google Voice

“Call me back on my work phone”
“Call me back on my house phone”
“Call my cell”


I have an idea, here it is.  “Call me back ” (and I’ll decide which phone to answer.)

Maintaining Sanity, Part 2: Online Office Suites

I love google docs, a premier online office suite.  For my editing purposes it is the only office suite I need.  I will never lose my work and never have to worry about backing it up.  I can share docs with anyone very easily. My absolute favorite thing about Google docs is I can access my work from whatever computer I am at.  I hated when I would get to the office and realize my proposal/presentation was saved on my laptop which was at home.  Never again.  

Maintaining Sanity, Part 1: Track your life with Freshbooks

Freshbooks is an online invoicing service.  I originally started using freshbooks to bill my freelance clients.  I can set billing intervals, give clients access to detailed reports, and all sorts of awesome.  The coolest feature of freshbooks is the methods for actually tracking your time.  You don’t have to manually input your hours(and guesstimate) for your work.  Freshbooks offers a timer widget that you can start & stop to keep your time accurately and to the second.  There is also an iPhone & Android app f

Maintaining Your Sanity : Tools that help

It’s 12:18 AM on a Friday night.  Why am I not out?  For the same reason my posts have been sporadic on Cereal Hobbyist.  I’m swamped.  Between work(9-5), personal work(pet projects), client work(I’m a freelance web developer) and hobbies, I am incredibly busy. I reckon is a good thing, but I really wish I just had a few more hours in a day.  With that said, I decided to write a post about how I manage my day to day activities.

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