Maintaining Sanity, Part 1: Track your life with Freshbooks

Freshbooks is an online invoicing service.  I originally started using freshbooks to bill my freelance clients.  I can set billing intervals, give clients access to detailed reports, and all sorts of awesome.  The coolest feature of freshbooks is the methods for actually tracking your time.  You don’t have to manually input your hours(and guesstimate) for your work.  Freshbooks offers a timer widget that you can start & stop to keep your time accurately and to the second.  There is also an iPhone & Android app for this.  

    Recently, I have started tracking my life using freshbooks.   Let me explain.  I was freelancing for awhile, which meant I had a ton of spare time.  This happens when you don’t have to commute, go to lunch, or even get dressed for that matter.  Yet somehow Friday would roll around and I would have no idea where my week went.  I decided it would be awesome to see a report of where that went.  So it began.  

    I started(and am still working at) tracking all of my life.  I have a project on freshbooks titled ‘Life’ and it has categories such as ‘Sustenance’, ‘Sleep’, ‘Transportation’, ‘Errands’, ‘Entertainment’, etc.  The idea is to get into a pattern of this so at the end of a week or month I can see where my time went, how it was mismanaged(4 hour netflix marathon?!?), and how it can be managed better the following week.  I have even added myself as a client and receive weekly ‘bills’ summarizing my ‘work’!


    Sounds crazy, I know, but for now I am pretty excited about it.  Regardless what may come from this experiment, I am glad I no longer have blackout weeks.