Maintaining Sanity, Part 2: Online Office Suites

I love google docs, a premier online office suite.  For my editing purposes it is the only office suite I need.  I will never lose my work and never have to worry about backing it up.  I can share docs with anyone very easily. My absolute favorite thing about Google docs is I can access my work from whatever computer I am at.  I hated when I would get to the office and realize my proposal/presentation was saved on my laptop which was at home.  Never again.  

Collaboration is another great reason to switch to an online doc suite.  Obviously, it’s great to work on something with others and not worry about over writing someone’s work.  It’s even greater to never open an attachment again.  Or wonder if your version of the attachment is the latest one.  If the document is hosted online, none of these things will ever happen.  Ever.

You’ll notice in this series I am partial to google.  This is mainly because I try to keep eveything under the roof and Google just does things right.  There are plenty other online document suites that you may want to look into as well, here are a few.