Maintaining Sanity, Part 3: Google Voice

“Call me back on my work phone”
“Call me back on my house phone”
“Call my cell”


I have an idea, here it is.  “Call me back ” (and I’ll decide which phone to answer.)

   This is the beauty of google voice.  When you sign up you get to pick a phone number.  This number can call multiple numbers that you configure and then you get to decide which phone to answer.  Are you seeing the potential yet?  Good, go check it out.

This is how & why I utilize gvoice:

  • I can, at any time, be at one of 5 or 6 phones.  Depending on where I am, I can avoid wasting minutes on my cell phone by picking up the call on a land line.
  • I can text directly from my browser or using my google voice app. This is vital to me because I am always looking for ways to trim my cell phone bill.  Like that pesky ‘unlimited texting’ charge.  
  • All my texts are stored forever and linked with my google account.  I like this availability of past communications.  What I wouldn’t give to see the textual discourse in some of my past breakups.  Sweet memories...
  • I can give you my google voice number but ignore you indefinitely. According to the gvoice support pages, I can flag your number as either spam, or blocked:  "Treat as Spam: The caller will hear ringing and then be prompted to leave you a voicemail message. None of your phones will ring. The voicemail will be automatically marked in your inbox as Spam, and you won't receive a notification for the voicemail. Block Caller: The caller will hear a 'Number not in service' message when calling your Google number. None of your phones will ring. The call will be marked as 'Blocked' under 'History' and 'Missed.'"
  • I can listen to you leave a message.   I have yet to do this for anyone, and most people don’t leave VMs these days, but still a neat feature.
  • I can have google voice handle my voicemails.  By doing so, I can have the audio transcribed and emailed to me with a link to hear the audio.  Trust me, this is awesome.
  • I can set custom greetings for different people.  For number not in my contact list, I can leave a formal private message(Hi, you’ve reached 312....).  For friends and family, I can greet them with a personal message(Hi, you’ve reached Steve)..