Maintaining Your Sanity : Tools that help

It’s 12:18 AM on a Friday night.  Why am I not out?  For the same reason my posts have been sporadic on Cereal Hobbyist.  I’m swamped.  Between work(9-5), personal work(pet projects), client work(I’m a freelance web developer) and hobbies, I am incredibly busy. I reckon is a good thing, but I really wish I just had a few more hours in a day.  With that said, I decided to write a post about how I manage my day to day activities.

These are tools & methods I have gathered from some brilliant people, and i think I am finally starting to keep things organized.  So here is what keeps me sane, in no particular order.

Update: :  I had originally intended for this to be a single blog post, but I realized a lot of these tools could use their own post.  Therefore, I have broken this blog up into multiple parts.  This page will serve as the place holder.

The series(coming soon) :

Time tracking

Online Office Suites



Task Lists